“I have attended dog events here before, this facility and kennel is awesome, and the staff even better”

Van H

“I cannot wait for them to open the trails and dog parks, so beautiful and peaceful here”

Nicole H

“my dog could go in or out of his kennel run and we loved that. The cleanest kennel I have ever seen”

Sara J

“The best Kennels in the State never mind East AL, my babies new home when I have to go out of town”

Tami M

“I remember the kennels under Auburn University, the most luxuries kennels round. So glad pets can now use this facility”

Jeannie B

“Unbelievable Kennels, In the most scenic setting. Makes me want to stay here with my dog.”

Francis A

“I train working dogs locally and I would not put my dogs anywhere else”

Jesica F

The facility is amazing, the staff really care, wow this is only 15 mins from me. I got lucky”

Sean P